Feather Borrow

A Maximum Ride Roleplaying game.
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 rules of Feather Borrow

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PostSubject: rules of Feather Borrow   Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:15 pm

I know that it's boring to look at the rules so I'll make this short and sweet.

1. Don't do anything you'll regret= insult someone, do something horrible, post something stupid, etc.

2. Don't bug people, anyone can become really angry and unlike themselves if you push them hard enough.

3. Don't push your PRIVILEGES.

4. Don't do anything OC that will violate an amendment of the US constitution.

5. don't make perfect characters.

6. listen to staff

7. read rules.

8. have fun.

9. scroll down.


1. You can swear.... but don't overdo it (unless your character is drunk) but I DO NOT want to see a bunch of characters staggering about cussing like sailors! BTW- how much do sailors cuss?

2. We don't have a word limit. 100 words is ideal.... but if you half to, you just need to write a paragraph or so. In the case of an OC post the length doesn't matter so much.

3. You can use your own graphics etc. so long is it doesn't involve porn, naked people in general, etc.

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rules of Feather Borrow
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